At FutureDoc we mentor you on your journey to medical school.

Our 1 ON 1 Coaching programme guides you through the entire application process. FutureDoc has incredible success helping students not only get into medical school but also their first choice university. We help you build the strongest application possible, including support with:

  • Work experience
  • Tactical university selection
  • Personal statement
  • Interviews
  • plus anything and everything else you need to build your strongest application

Read on to find out how, together, you and FutureDoc will unlock the next step in your medical journey…

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The Challenge

Applications Up 3.5% from 2021

Re-applicants, Up 28% from 2021



Our Success Rate

Only 16.5% of Medical applicants successfully get a place in any UK university.

FutureDoc Academy Programme has a 91% success rate for our students getting into their first choice medical school on their first attempt.

We have countless student testimonials that do the talking for us.

Josh got into a course with a 42:1 applicant:place ratio after we helped him get >3000 in his UCAT


Our Ethos

How do we have such success


  1. FutureDoc has been helping students since 2010, and has developed a method that has been refined and tweaked over so many years to give the highest chances of success. To find out more about our background & Dr Ash’s experience, please [see here]
  2. We are very selective about whom we offer a place on our programme (only about 1/3rd of students applying will be offered to join us). We want to ensure that only those with the right attitude, work ethic and academic potential join us to ensure we maintain our reputation for success. If you are reading this, it’s because we saw something in you that we believe shows the potential to go on and make a great doctor one day.
  3. Most importantly, by working as a team and treating you as an individual. When you become part of FutureDoc, your journey becomes our journey. Your application process will be challenging, but together we will equip you with the tools to overcome any obstacles.

Why It Has The Success It Does?

We are incredibly thorough – the first thing we do with the students that we accept onto the programme is sit down together to carry out a long STRATEGY CALL. This is where we will go through the entire application with you and dissect everything from; your grades; which medical school choices are the most tactical and likely to succeed for your situation; the key preparation steps we need to ensure success; making sure we have the right work experience (and arranging some if we don’t); going through your personal statement; making sure we score highly in the UCAT, BMAT and/or GAMSAT; how we’re going to perform well at interviews; EVERYTHING! By the end, we have a robust plan for how we’re going to deliver your individual medical school mentor programme.

We’re highly individual – once we’ve laid out the plan for how we’re going to get your into your dream medical school, we match you with a tutor from a similar background to you (Undergrad/Postgrad, International/Domestic etc…) who is from your first choice medical school. e.g. if you are an international graduate student applying to Oxford, we will pair you with an international graduate student currently at Oxford etc.. You can be guided by someone who has successfully done the exact thing that you are trying to achieve. This way we can give you an inside track on what is required to succeed with applying there. And with that, you get several sessions per month as a minimum… see below for more details on this!

What You Get
• As part of the Academy Programme, you get hours of allocated 1 ON 1 tuition, which can be used however you see fit. These sessions are recorded and sent to you with a summary & action plan. The benefits of these sessions are:

– To keep you on track with the application & curriculum
– To deliver targeted sessions where you think you need help
– To monitor your progress very closely. Our application experts will keep track of your progress. They then advise areas in which you might be falling behind and will recommend sessions to bring you up to speed

• Two Q&A Sessions with Dr Hilton: Ask me anything. This is your opportunity every month to check in with me, tell me what issues you’re having and the chance to work through them together.

• Cycle-dependent teaching: This is where we deliver the most important teaching you need, depending on the time of year (or stage of the application process) you’re currently at. For example, if you are still preparing your application, our sessions might be about work experience essentials, or helping you arrange shadowing. If you’re about to sit your UCAT, then this teaching will be on UCAT exam preparation. If your personal statement is due, sessions will be around helping you write an outstanding statement. Once your application is submitted, we begin the long process of getting you interview-ready!

• Core knowledge teaching: Essential information that you NEED to know, regardless of what stage of the application you’re at. These are themes that come up in the UCAT, subjects that you must demonstrate an understanding of in your personal statement, and topics that you will specifically be grilled on during your interviews. This includes all the key knowledge surrounding; medical ethics; key insights into the profession; famous cases; and interview favourites.

•Seminars: every week, we do a three-hour seminar that—over the course of the curriculum—covers everything you need to know to succeed. Just like medical school seminars, we do small group interactive sessions and workshops to ensure your knowledge is up to the standard required to get a place at medical school. This means you’ll get more individual attention and the opportunity to ask questions for about anything you’re unsure of. Seminars are recorded and circulated immediately. The most popular of these include our official UCAT / BMAT / GAMSAT talks, where we get external official speakers from each of these establishments to come and teach not only the fundamentals required to perform well, but the ‘cherry on top’ advice that has helped many of our students achieve a >3000 UCAT score (top 3-5%). Ever since we have included these, we’ve seen a huge upturn in our results. The best comparison we can offer as an example is students that (prior to joining) had failed applications, then joined us to help with their second attempt and took their UCAT scores from 2300-2400 (below average) to a 3000+ score (beyond the top decile).

• Resources: Our biggest priority in achieving successful admission to medical school is to deliver teaching and resources of the highest quality. We know who is statistically having the highest success with online courses, books, question banks & past papers. As part of the Academy programme, we simply partner with these providers and give you THE BEST resources as part of the programme. Since we added this to the programme, we have seen a large upturn in our results

• Support: You will have 24-hour access to our team to address any difficulties that you might be experiencing. You can reach us directly, or even jump on a call with us to go through any difficulty that you might be experiencing.

• Access to all of our online courses; UCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT, Personal Statement, Interview & A-Z of how to get in (see below for more details)

“I have only been using the FutureDoc programme for a week or so, and am already finding it extremely helpful in organising my plan leading up to the application, especially with UCAT and BMAT, as these deadlines are very stressful and important. The resources provided explain each section of the application process in detail, and the tutoring sessions are extremely useful to answer any questions and to make you confident in your personal application and plan.”
Tabitha – Year 12, Chichester

“I have only been using the FutureDoc programme for a week or so, and am already finding it extremely helpful in organising my plan leading up to the application, especially with UCAT and BMAT, as these deadlines are very stressful and important. The resources provided explain each section of the application process in detail, and the tutoring sessions are extremely useful to answer any questions and to make you confident in your personal application and plan.”

TabithaYear 12, Chichester

“Best programme available in the UK “

TanjotYear 13, Wolverhampton

“FutureDoc really gives you the support that you don’t really have as a graduate student”

AranijaGEM Applicant

“I’m really happy with my UCAT score of 2840 and a band 1 SJT. After my own hard work, I have Dr Ash and his team to thank. The Ace the UCAT course was really a one stop shop for all the techniques I could possibly need to know. The regular youtube uploads for fine tuning my exam technique were very helpful. I truly believe the SJT video I watched the night before my test really helped push me into that sweet band 1. Prior to watching it, I was consistently getting a band 2 and would never have thought of getting higher. My mentor has a wealth of experience reviewing Personal Statements and it’s great to know it is one less thing to worry about after taking onboard their actionable advice.”

UmarYear 12, Berkshire

“Futuredoc gives you very good support throughout you whole application journey, so they’re advice is tailored to you and your independent journey. “

SajaYear 13, London

“I highly recommend the programme and to start as early as possible. It help you to have a step-by-step guide for your future career in medicine. It will help you to reduce your stress and anxiety and trust that you are in good hands.”

GurleenYear 12, Birmingham

“Excellent service. Dr. Ash is very knowledgeable and well informed. Very supportive and kind service.”

SabahGraduate Applicant

“A very thorough and reliable service that walks you through each step of the way. Their advice is backed by evidence and their courses allows for flexibility around your own schedule.”

AnonymousAuthor not disclosed

“FutureDoc is the best mentor and guidance to help students to get into medical school. They help you to find your weak points, guide you to work on them and convert them into strength. I am really enjoying this journey with them.”

IramInternational Applicant

“I only got accepted onto the course a matter of days ago, and within those days ive been made to feel priority, having both the interview and long term strategy plan 48 hours apart. Truly can see the benefits even at the beginning and makes the idea of a daunting stressful time seem much easier and fun.”

JasminGEM Applicant, Leeds

“As a FutureDoc student, I feel very well supported by the tutors and Dr. Hilton. The help and support provided has made the application process a lot smoother and I know that I can always reach out for help at any point.”

TijuanaYear 12, Wiltshire

“I’ve found the ‘deep-dive’ series on the UCAT extremely useful. Even though I haven’t been able to be present for all of them, I am always sure to watch the recordings because I know there is bound to be some golden nuggets of advice from Dr Hilton and his team of mentors.”

Umar AYear 11, London

“Doctor Hilton and his team have created a fantastic platform for people from all different backgrounds and educations to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor. He is able to help you push through your weaknesses and improve your strengths to give you the best shot at success.”

JoshGEM Applicant, Bromley

“So far my experience with FutureDoc has been exceptional as every session is always informative and the resources provided are to the highest of standards.”

KameronYear 11, West Midlands

“FutureDoc is organised so well. There is one fact you-tube videos and and the internet will not give you key information you need if you are applying for medicine or dentistry. If you are finding the application process so daunting or need any help I highly recommend you to contact the FutureDoc. The teachers are so friendly and interactive. The students are like community ,so save your self from uncertainty and struggle and join FutureDoc.”

HibaqInternational Applicant


Our Commitment To Your Future

We are extremely dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you get in. When you join us, we make a commitment to giving you our absolute best to help you reach your goal. We realise that this is your future and don’t take it lightly that you have trusted us with such an important task. We pride ourselves on delivering the support you need to help you get the result you want, and will do whatever we can to keep it that way. So if you’re struggling with a certain aspect of the application, we’re here to support you in whichever way you need to get you to meet the mark.

How We Teach The UCAT, BMAT & GAMSAT

These are often the most stressful parts of the entire application. As we said previously we have several students that joined FutureDoc after previous failed attempts and who have dramatically improved their scores. Our method makes sure that students are organised & prepared in advance for what’s to come. They can maintain their cool during the build-up and steadily increase their scores. Our students can then enter the exam with a calm confidence that, by itself, will improve performance.

Three-phase approach for the aptitude tests

1. Familiarisation; we lay the foundations to understand the material, question types and (most importantly) the fastest and most accurate techniques. Here, we use a combination of online courses and summary videos to consolidate the knowledge, plus 1 ON 1 technique teaching, and ‘deep dive’ lessons, covering each section at a time to ensure we’re starting the process with good baseline knowledge.

2. Practice questions: section-by-section workshops to assess technique & ensure each question type is approached correctly. This is where we implement the fastest & most accurate techniques and hone these skills to ensure that they become second nature. We make sure that we are at the right standard before moving on to phase three.

3. Exam ready: this is where we increase the intensity to help you feel confident. This stage is crucial and is our secret to helping our students achieve scores in the top 5%. Our trick is to regularly test, check results, adjust any technique errors, gradually increase the intensity, and then repeat this cycle. These exams are incredibly time-pressured, and often the most stressful that students have encountered. We regularly calibrate with live mock tests & model answer run-throughs. By gradually acclimatising you to the intensity of the exam, we keep our students focused, cool & methodical when it matters most.


How We Help With Personal Statements

At FutureDoc, we have developed our own unique five-step method to help you write a personal statement that is individual to you and gets you invited to an interview.

1. Our unique ‘information capture’ form makes sure that you collect all the information that you need to include in your personal statement. This ensures you don’t miss any important bits, or add anything unnecessarily.

2. We give you the basic knowledge to start your first draft through our ‘outstanding personal statement’ course, personal statement workshops, writing style seminars & how to structure your personal statement talks.

3.Write your first draft & submit it to tutor

4. 1 ON 1 Personal Statement review. Dr Hilton will do an interactive video review where he dissects your personal statement sentence by sentence & talks through your recommended changes and rationale for doing so. These reviews are unlimited for Academy students

How We Coach For Interviews


Our interview training is often the most enjoyable part of the process for our students. Once we have secured an interview, our destiny is in our own hands. The ethos behind our training is to make sure that our students are ‘prepared but not rehearsed’. This is the difference between being well-drilled, adaptable & confident, versus a student that regurgitates a pre-canned spiel that they crowbar into questions that don’t fit the answer. This distinguishes a ‘good’ applicant from someone that ‘wow’s’ the interview panel. We have a robust process to make our students’ interview technique bullet-proof.
The biggest mistake that students make is underestimating the interview. In this era of increasing application numbers, more and more students are getting four interviews and no offers. This is not the case for FutureDoc Students.
Once we get our students to the interview stage, we know that—after they’ve gone through our training—it’s simply a matter of converting this final hurdle into an offer. When it comes to their interviews, our students—rather than being nervous—are excited and looking forward to showcasing their new skills.

1. Gain the core knowledge; online courses, group teaching; hot topics teaching; famous cases; medical ethics etc…
2. Practice interview techniques in 1 ON 1 sessions
3. Interview ‘hot seat’: this is where we simulate the pressure of the interview and grill students to identify any areas to work on or gaps in knowledge
4. Online Mock Interview
5. In-Person Mock Interview: this is a dedicated interview day in London, where we put students through several MMI circuits and Panel interviews and give individual feedback on how they performed, before doing a repeat session offering them the chance to build on their feedback.
6. Additional seminars on mindset & body language to help students keep their cool and project confidence on the big day.

How We Help With Work Experience

1. Our seven-step work experience process that, available only to those on our programme, helps students get the right combination and the right kind of work experience to help them stand out

2. We make sure that you’re experienced in the three key areas of work experience

3. We ensure that students meet the requirement for the most stringent university work experience requirements. In fact, we use these as our benchmark to make sure we meet the requirement for all universities. We also give additional individual help with attaining less ‘easy-to-reach’ placements

How We Choose The Right Medical Schools For You

1. We determine what your individual strengths and weaknesses are

2. We ascertain which medical school would most suit your desires & personality

3. We provide you with our exclusive research & guides that are updated regularly throughout every application cycle. We also have University selection workshops and tactical selection seminars you can attend.

4. You will complete an in-depth questionnaire that we will then analyze in-depth
5. You will then attend our ‘tactical selection clinic’: during the UCAS application submission window, during which we sit down with you and decide the best four medical school choices individually for you



Strategy Session

Personal Plan & Profile

Cycle-Dependant Teaching

Core Knowledge Teaching

Online Courses

1 ON 1 Tuition

45 hours

Q&A with Dr Ash

2 per month with Dr Ash



Tactical Application ‘Clinic’

Personal Statement Reviews

Unlimited by Dr Ash

Online Mock Interview

In-Person Mock Interview

Official UCAT Talks

Official BMAT Talks

Official GAMSAT Talks

Question Banks

Past Papers


24hr Support


Or 3 payments of £2200

Panel & MMI Interview Success

International Students

How To Get In: A-Z Course

Free Resources